March 19, 2012

The question everyone wants to know the answer to: What is the meaning of Blog?

Every person's life is better remembered by the milestones along the way. The series of events, big & small, that touch many people at once, or you alone. It's a major driving force in moving ourselves forward in life, and it is no wonder we have developed many ways to document and cherish these moments.

When asked to reflect on your life thus far, you'd likely avoid the mundane activities of the day to day, but rather tell stories of life changing events, exciting adventures, and heartfelt moments. Usually, in a quick conversation, you'd address the most important events: First love, deaths in the family, birth of your child, etc... but life is filled with so many smaller moments, simpler in nature, and just as character defining, that fill the space between the more grand experiences.

These smaller moments can differ widely from person to person, more so than larger events. They tend to ignite from ones interests & taste rather than social expectations or necessities of life. While one person may reflect back on the many sporting events they attend, and another can recount the excitement of seeing various rock bands, for me, one activity has always been dear to my heart: Video Gaming.

With the impending launch of Guild Wars 2, an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game... phew!) that promises innovation, a great community, and many facets to feed your varying gaming addictions, I'd like to document my personal experience revolving around the game's release and beyond. So expect to learn how my personal life and the game interact, what experiences I have in and out of the game and how they affect one another, as well as some coverage of news and my personal opinion.

Feel free to leave comments & questions and also share your own experiences with gaming. Now let the wait for Guild Wars 2 launch begin!

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